Photo courtesy of Jacqueline "Jackie Jet" Hakes Brix

Photo courtesy of Jacqueline “Jackie Jet” Hakes Brix

My old friend in Thailand, Charoen is a great guy.

Back in the day we had many fun adventures flying together at the Thai Flying Club.  We even flew together on the great “Hong Kong to (almost) Beijing Air Rally.”  I think I actually showed him his first aileron roll in the Robin.

P’Charoen (a respectful form of address meaning “Older Brother”) runs a successful business painting really big commercial buildings in and around Bangkok.  His wife is a lovely, accomplished lady who is tolerant of P’Charoen’s somewhat “mischievous” ways when out with the boys.

One day, we were talking at the flying club and he mentioned taking his wife to the range and teaching her to shoot pistols.  Knowing P’Charoen as I do, I half-kiddingly asked him if he really thought that was a good idea.

His response astounded me.  (translated from Thai and a twenty-year-old memory).  He put his arm around my shoulder for a big brotherly lecture on one of the important things for a man to know:

Carl, you must understand that the female of the species does not think like we do.

If a woman gets really mad, she might shoot the gun just to scare you.  If she does that, you want her to shoot accurately or you might accidentally become paralyzed.

Or if she’s really, REALLY angry and decides to shoot you, but only means to injure you to teach you a lesson, you want her to shoot accurately so you don’t become injured too badly.

Or paralyzed…

And if you’ve really done it, and she’s had it to the point she really wants to kill you, well of course you want her to shoot accurately.

So you don’t become paralyzed!

I don’t know if my friend’s Thai/Asian flavored theory on the thought processes of women are really accurate or not, but I’m teaching Helen to shoot and encouraging her to practice as often as possible.

Just in case…

CarlFBPicI was reminded recently why I had sworn off making political comments on Facebook.

A group of people, including a gent I’ve known since high school (that’s almost 40 years) turned a thread about whether Joe Biden was a good choice to run against President Trump in 2020 into a marathon slam fest on Trump voters and supporters.

Lamenting how stupid Trump supporters are because polls show most would vote for him again.

My friend’s explanation was that Continue reading

Army Inside Out

Army Inside Out

Anyone who knows me is familiar with my hobby of playing with language and inventing new words.

Once, while walking down a series of “people mover” moving sidewalks in the Minneapolis airport, I was in such a hurry to get to my gate that I didn’t notice the next moving sidewalk was not working.

When I stepped on that sidewalk, I suffered from disorientation due to “anticipation bias” because I expected it to be moving when I stepped on it.  Having mentally and physically prepared for the motion of the floor under me, landing on that stationary floor caused me to become so disoriented that I nearly fell down.

After recovering from my disorientation, I thought to myself that there must be a word for the odd sensation I had just experienced.

Dizzyness?  No.  Even the highbrow “vertigo” didn’t seem to do it, but was close.

Finally, I came upon Continue reading

CarlFBPicLately there’s been a lot of debate coming across my Facebook page about the protests of NFL athletes during the national anthem.

Some people think the protesting players ought to be fired.

Some people think it’s a form of protected free speech.

Few of them seem to understand freedom of speech or freedom of the press.

Newspaper reporters have freedom of speech, in their role as a PRIVATE CITIZEN.  They do not, in any way shape or form have “freedom of speech” in their writings for the newspaper, UNLESS THE OWNER OF THE NEWSPAPER GRANTS IT TO THEM.  It’s the owners newspaper and the owner is not only free to print what he/she pleases, but is also RESPONSIBLE FOR IT.

It’s the same with Freedom of the press.  A newspaper reporter writing for the Minneapolis Tribune does not have “freedom of the press” unless they publish their own blog or their own newspaper.  Again, the right and responsibility fall to the owner of the newspaper.

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Is it just me?

Or have we been overrun by these annoying “click factories”???

You know the type.  You see the ads or the posts on Facebook with a subject like “Twelve Celebrity Kids with a Prehensile Tail” and you just have to see which Hollywood kids are part monkey.

The page opens and there is more flashing neon and meaningless pushy ads than a Beetlejuice Commercial.

There are four or more arrows, chevrons, or other symbols, all of which might be the “next page” button or might be an “open this ad button.”  Who is foolish enough to pay for clicks that are obtain by this kind of deception?

Somebody, obviously, or there wouldn’t be so many annoying sites like this.

Just when you think you’ve found the right “next” button, you get distracted by an ad saying, “See how this two-headed woman lost 75 pounds in two weeks using just this one weird trick!”

Weird trick…

It’s a common slogan that seems to describe this unscrupulous method for generating clicks to visit a web page.

I keep trying to avoid and boycott these really annoying sites, and I do fine for a while, and then there’s an ad that says, “Woman, 36, to have Errol Flynn’s Baby” and I just have to click on it to see how that could be possible.    Did she get a DNA sample by robbing the great one’s grave?

But it’s annoying.  I’m going to stop now.  I’m not going to open another one of these websites.

I’ll let you know how it goes…

Thanks for reading.


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