CarlFBPicI was reminded recently why I had sworn off making political comments on Facebook.

A group of people, including a gent I’ve known since high school (that’s almost 40 years) turned a thread about whether Joe Biden was a good choice to run against President Trump in 2020 into a marathon slam fest on Trump voters and supporters.

Lamenting how stupid Trump supporters are because polls show most would vote for him again.

My friend’s explanation was that Trump supporters “…ignore reality. They know they want to hate immigrants, subjugate women, promote discrimination, and show the rest of the planet who’s the big bully on the world stage. Trump gives them all that, and more.

I took that as a pretty offensive, broad insult to Trump voters.

My reply follows:

That’s an unfair generalization.

I’m a Trump supporter for my own reasons and let’s face it, the other side hasn’t covered itself in glory in the respect women, support immigrants, and discourage discrimination department.

Need I mention a certain President’s treatment of women? Or his wife’s attacks on those who accused him? Or a little Cuban boy with a submachine gun in his face? How about a house full of kids in Waco? And don’t even get me started with the race baiting of the last 8 years.
The liberal habit of blaming votes on ignorance, misogyny, promoting discrimination, bullying, complete unwillingness to even consider another side of an argument or issue is really tiresome and is THE SINGLE REASON Trump was elected.
I swore not to comment on political subjects on Facebook but sorry, this one struck a nerve.
Wanna know why Trump won?

Best explanation I’ve heard comes, ironically, from a really bright British dude.

He says everything I would say to my liberal friends but the truth is, I’d never be given the chance to finish.

And not one of the Trumper Bashers could be bothered to make a comment or engage me in conversation.

Ignoring reality indeed…

Jonathan Pie is absolutely right.  Liberals think they are the only and final arbiters of what’s best and what should be.  Anyone who disagrees with them is an idiot, a fool, a misogynist, a racist, part of a “basket of deplorables.”Well, if that’s what I am, then it’s a badge I will wear with pride.

Liberals and Democrats really have NO CLUE how many Trump Votes were not votes “for” Trump but actually votes AGAINST Hillary, AGAINST the Democratic platform, and AGAINST the “We know what’s best for everyone and the country and if you have any other thoughts, you’re mentally ill” mentality of the Left.

And for the record, Trump was never my first choice but I would have voted for Satan himself to keep the evil Hillary Cougar Rodham Mellencamp Clinton out of the White House.  And what really endears Trump to me is that he SCARES THE CRAP out of both the Demublicans AND the Republocrats.  And THAT was a badly needed circumstance in our country.  If neither of the entrenched parties is getting what they want, then we might actually TALK.

What’s clear to me now is that the liberals have not figured out why Hillary lost and so are, to use the brilliant words of Albert Einstein, “repeating the same behavior expecting a different result.”Let me know how that works out for you.

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