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Frolicking in the sky over Myanmar...

Frolicking in the sky over Myanmar…

It’s interesting how when you focus on some idea, more and more ideas seem to come to you.

On Friday 29 March I found this creature frolicking in the sky over Myanmar (formerly known as Burma).

Is it a baby elephant or some kind of Turtle?

I’ve made it a sort of a hobby, taking pictures from the cockpit.  It started as a game trying to catch other aircraft in the air but gradually evolved into sunsets, cloud formations, and other interesting sky stuff.

Here’s one of my favorites so far:
People liked the photos so much that I started a website just for them.

It’s  It’s currently under construction so you need a password to preview it.  If you’d like to take a look at some of the photos that have been uploaded so far, just use the password “viking” (without the quotes) when the site asks you.

We’ve all experienced it.
Babe Ruth Baseball patch
Some sound or a movie clip triggers a flood of memories and for me last night, driving home from dinner with friends, it was a song. Rhinestone Cowboy by Glenn Campbell.

It was the summer of 1976 and my Minnetonka baseball team was playing in the District Championship game.  I don’t remember the exact score but we were behind by a number of runs and frankly, it wasn’t looking good for us.  Then we got a break.

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