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On January 1st, 1912, Dr. Sun Yat Sen formed the “Republic of China” in Nanjing and was elected its first provisional President.  A couple months later the capitol was established in Beijing.

Shortly after Dr. Sun’s declaration on 1 January, Emperor Puyi abdicated and China saw the beginning of its first republican government.By the early 1920’s, the Communist Party of China was formed and began the revolution which eventually led to the Peoples Republic of China being formed in 1949.flag

The Nationalists, known as the Kuomingtang Party, escaped with their entire government to Taiwan and established a government-in-exile under their long-time leader Chiang Kai-Shek.  Their legislature included representatives from all the provinces of mainland China as well as the province they occupied, Taiwan.

Since then, the Communists have insisted that Taiwan is “part of China” and the Nationalist Governments in Taiwan have not agreed to “reconciliation.”

A big hoohah has ensued, one side claiming that Taiwan is part of China and the other refusing to join “greater China.”

The younger generation in Taiwan have come to believe that Taiwan is a separate country rather than a province and you can find yourself in a lively discussion if you suggest Taiwan is part of China.  

I know one woman from Taiwan who is both proud of her ethnicity (Chinese) and her Nationality (Taiwan aka Republic of China).  Ask her which country she comes from Continue reading

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