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W6CMAWe all have one.

A “Bucket List” of things we’d like to experience or accomplish before we depart this life for whatever comes next.

One of those items on my bucket list is to earn an Amateur Radio (AKA “Ham Radio”) license.

It started when I was about ten years old.  We lived across the street from the Whites, Tammy, Tony, Rick, and Brian.  Their mom was a nice lady and a hard-working single mom.

Rick was a year older than I was, Brian was the youngest a few years younger than me, Tony was a couple years older than Rick, and Tammy was the oldest.

Although Rick and I were closest in age and he was a good friend, the White Boys sort of came as a package.  Tony had just recently earned his “Novice” Ham Radio License and for Christmas, from his Grandfather I think, he was given a Hi Frequency (HF aka “short wave”) radio kit, an HW-16 by Heathkit.  It wasn’t long before Tony had the radio built and a long wire “dipole” antenna strung out Continue reading

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