Do you know where your money comes from? 

With humor and gentle satire, Carl Andersen explores the history of Freedomland–a fictional nation that may seem all-too-familiar–from its early days as a haven for liberty-loving colonists to its current state of crisis. When the unscrupulous central bank floods the economy with worthless paper money, desperate citizens are forced to borrow more and more to keep their homes and businesses afloat, the flaws in the system become glaringly obvious. Will the freedomlovers ever learn?

Note from the Author:  I originally wrote this story in 1992 because I was deeply inspired by what I had recently learned about the origins of money and how the fraudulent central banking system works.  At the time, I was posting on a website called “Gold Eagle” and the website published the story in their articles section.  A fellow forum poster and fellow Minnesotan who went by the name of G-Khan, read it and asked me for my address.  A few days later, a silver “round” (one-ounce privately minted silver coin) appeared in my mailbox bearing the words from Article I, Section X of the Constitution of the United States:

No state shall make any thing but gold and silver coin a tender in payment of debt. 

It’s nearly twelve years later and I still treasure that coin and keep it with me.

G-Khan, myself, and several others, went on to start our own website called “Gold is Money” which is still going strong at

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Honest Money Ebook Cover Final

Discover the money secrets your local bank and the Federal Reserve both don’t want you to know and, at the same time, think you’re not smart enough to understand anyway. (You are). 

        • Understand where money comes from, how it is made, and who makes it. (It’s not what you think!). 
        • Learn the truth about inflation, what it really is, and what causes it. 
        • Find out why politicians and bankers fight so strongly against the “Audit the Fed” movement.  
        • Learn about Honest Money and why it’s much better than our current fiat money system. 

Carl Martin Andersen explains these financial mysteries using simple and easy to understand stories and examples…

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