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CarlFBPicOne of my rules for life is:

“Never underestimate the capacity for stupidity in your fellow man.”

A corollary to this must, following simple logic, therefore be:

“Never underestimate the capacity for stupidity in yourself.”

So here’s my story.  As many of my readers know, I live in Thailand.  What you may not know is that my wife and I bought a house in Minnesota last year.  We still live in Thailand but we’re keeping the home in Minnesota for that dreamed-of day in the future when we move back to the land of the sky-blue waters.

I also have a storage bin of possessions (from the “BH” or “Before Helen” period of my life) that are still in the storage bin I rented several years ago.  These items are not all moved into the new house because, well, there’s a lot of stuff there and I don’t want to just dump them in the new house because then I’d spent my painfully short vacations going through stuff and I’m not ready to do that yet.

In aviation, we say that an accident is usually the result of a chain or series of mistakes or poor choices, and I think that’s true in all endeavors.

First mistake:  Take the keys to the storage bin to Thailand. Continue reading

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