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A Dream I had

Ever upward I climbed, effortlessly, pain and fatigue I had none.

With each passing foot of altitude, I could feel I was getting nearer to something special, something I’d longed for.

Some special knowledge or awareness?

All I knew was that I was being drawn upward.  

Ever upward.

I climbed that mountain so high that I entered a layer of clouds.  Although I could see very little in the murky fog, I was still drawn upward toward the enticing unknown.

It seemed a long time I climbed through the gray murk and although my earthly vision was limited, I was not afraid.

As if the fulfillment of a lifetime or more of longing would be my reward when I reached my destination.

Finally, there was more light above me and I was drawn more powerfully upward.

Soon it was so bright I began to shield my eyes.

When I finally stepped up above that cloud into the bright unfiltered sunshine, I was blinded for a time, and had to cover my eyes.

My eyes adjusted and I beheld the most amazing beauty in that azure sky, and I knew that I was in the presence of my maker.  I bathed and basked in warmth of unconditional love and acceptance.

I looked around and discovered there were many, many other mountain peaks reaching through the clouds, yearning for their creator.

And then I noticed something that did not surprise me, but rather made me feel the warm embrace of the Almighty even more than before.

On top of each mountain was a man or woman, seemingly enjoying the same moment as I.

Hundreds and thousands, for as far as I could see and beyond, from all walks and all faiths, each having passed through that final cloud bank and reaching the summit of their mountain in the same way I had made it to mine.

By following their own personal path.

The lovely watercolor is courtesy of the fabulous Alba Escayo.  More of her work can be seen at

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