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Our dog, "Tokyo"

Our dog, “Tokyo”

One of the places my wife, Helen, and I like to hang out in Bangkok once in a while is “Crystal Design Square” (CDC).  It’s a sort of half park/half shopping area/half flea market.  One reason we like to go there is that (on weekends) our friends from Kiss Me! Barbecue serve their scrumptious barbecue kebabs, ribs, and other delectables.

We’ll shop a bit, gorge ourselves on ribs, walk around, and then sit in front of our favorite little cubicle sized coffee shop called, “Okay Okay Cafe” and watch the people go by.

And their dogs…

It’s popular for people to take their dogs to CDC to walk around “socializing” and other visitors are treated to a wide variety of canine breeds and a broad spectrum of human IQ’s.

We were amused when we started seeing humans Continue reading

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