Dear Readers,

The legions of you begging me for my prediction on the outcome of our imminent presidential election need wait no more!

It’s here.

Regrettably, there is only one factor in the outcome of this election that I can predict with absolute certainty, and it’s not who will move into the residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this coming January.

It was to do with our would-be POTUS (President of the United States), Hillary-Cougar-Rodham-Mellencamp-Clinton.

Rockstar John Mellencamp, fans will remember, went by the name “John Cougar” until he made the “big time” and then he transitioned through “John Cougar Mellencamp” to his “real” name of “John Mellencamp.”

Mrs. William Clinton did the same thing in 1992. During the election where her husband was elected POTUS, she was a fairly serious focus of attention.

“Hillary Clinton this…”


“Hillary Clinton that…”

or Hillary Clinton’s thoughts on Health Care…

And Hillary Clinton’s role in the Clinton Administration (if elected) will be…

Then the morning after the election, it all changed.

It was eerie…

Like all the press had gotten some cosmic memo.

From the time Mr. Clinton was announced the winner and George I had conceded, none of the press dared call her Hillary Clinton.

It was, from then on, “Hillary Rodham Clinton” and the press never missed a beat. Not one person mentioned the sudden change.

She did it before.

She’ll do it again.

The only reason she went back to using the name “Clinton” was to ride Mr. Clinton’s coat tails, which may or may not prove sufficient to propel her back into the White House, this time working in the Oval Office.

Whether or not she goes with “Hillary Rodham Clinton” again (her staffers refer to her as “HRC”) or goes, cold-turkey, to “Hillary Rodham” is anybody’s guess.

My prediction is that the word, “Hillary,” whether or not she wins the election, will not be publicly uttered again without the word, “Rodham.”

You can take that to the bank.

(And I know, this is not the first time I’ve discussed this subject).

Thanks for reading.


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